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The Community

Mediacom Services, INC provides the platform for a community of those who believe in the unique love and art of entertainment travel. Each member of our fraternity lives by the same creed: the client is number one. Our creative atmosphere allows open discussions and sharing of the most up-to-date travel information and deals offered in the entertainment community. It truly does take a village to raise the bar we try to set in our industry, and we are proud of it.


Method To Our Madness

Our philosophy is that travel services should be easily arranged through one company with one call, saving you both time and money. Mediacom Services' 4-step approach to travel management optimizes program performance through a platform built on respect of the client and project needs, while mitigating risk and providing significant savings.

  • A specialist consults to gain insight as to the specific needs of the project, including, but not limited to: locations, total travelers, budget analysis, preferences in air/hotel/transportation requirements, tax incentive restrictions, and special needs.

  • Adhering to preferences, but also suggesting cost-saving alternatives, a specialist proficient in vendor contract negotiations will use company spend data as leverage, along with vendor partnerships to obtain optimal rates.

  • Team specialist dedicated and familiar to your project will be available around-the-clock for last minute changes, to travel emergencies. Specialist will notify of cost-savings alternatives where applicable, while enforcing any travel policies.

  • Comprehensive reporting tools aggregate insightful travel spend data vital in vendor negotiations, to identify spend patterns resulting in waste, and provide an accurate budgeting platform. Quarterly evaluations offer any necessary updates to the program.


Team specialist dedicated 24/7 to each project, robust travel tools, and quality control practices, help to deliver first-class service while enhancing security and sustainability. Intelligent data gathering and analytical tools allow greater vendor negotiation leverage, highlight cost-saving trends, and provide crucial insight for the positive evolution of a successful travel program.

Our partners


Mediacom Services, INC has strategically opened ARC accredited branches in the following states in order to better serve our film & television clientele, complying with each state's film tax law eligibility for travel spend rebates. Our brick & mortar locations are staffed with a Mediacom Services team member who specializes in each region, providing the same great 24/7 service to which you are accustomed while filming on location.

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